Searching for your next role in stranger times……

If the past four to six weeks are anything to go by, here’s what you can expect in your search for your next role (and yes all of these have arisen in the past month or two for us here at Ruby Recruit).

Retracted resignations! Yes, we know roles can be pulled for a number of factors, budgets and funding are the more common reasons, and now we are seeing candidates retracting their resignations because their offers are being pulled, and employers being comfortable with this, especially when the knowledge, experience and tenure is too strong to let go.

Considerable salary drops – In more typical times salary drops of ten to twenty thousand with the right considerations for the right role were often understandable, now this is more like forty to fifty thousand.

Significant commutes to roles – North to South, too far, I don’t want to work on the Shore, we were fortunate to be able to select our geographies in the past. Now Auckland to Hamilton daily, no problem!

So, expect the unexpected, don’t be surprised, because your pool of competition has become a whole lot bigger. The simple truth is your search for the next role maybe the toughest you’ve had to endure. So please and most importantly stay positive, keep communicating, don’t stop networking, and that has to be in person and frequent as well as online connections. Be clear on what you want, tailor every application, its extra effort but it will be worth it. Good Luck!